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11 Jan This is not an easy post to write. We were shocked and distressed to hear of the passing of "Dolly" - the young girl many of you will recognise from our past Christmas adverts. This beautiful photo was taken 8 years ago. Dolly chose to end her life last week due to bullying. She was not even 15 years old. Arriving into Australia with little knowledge of Australian slang may get you into a few awkward situations. So read our Aussie slang guide with video. It's not just about being old. Young people will forget as well. So if you think of something, be it a good idea or an invention write it down straight away mate. This habit will help you and increase your knowledge and memory. It's a good habit to have. Mt. House Stn. Fencing with John Gould Seeing a big slab of sandstone.

Aussie old young -

First posted January 25, Iran and the art of the deal. Five new suspected Ebola cases. There's only a very light cover of natural snow thanks to moderate snowfalls two weeks agobut snowmaking has kicked in on the main runs. aussie old young


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